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This Is The End

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Went to see This Is The End in the theater last night. With the completely zany cast of characters, and a review of “crude humor” from my friend’s cousin, I was all for seeing this movie. This week has been a little tragic and slipping into a dark theater with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill seemed like the right thing to do.

First of all, Harkins was packed. Monday night and all the college kids seemed to be up for the same thing we were. The movie really gets rolling when James Franco opens the his front door for a raging party. Everyone plays themselves in this crude comedy. And by everyone – well – it’s everyone. Without giving it all away, there are many layers of interpretation you could walk away with. The humor, while crude, is also self deprecating and introspective. Imagine every asshole actor coming to grips with their own attitudes and their effect on the rest of the world as well as each other. If the end of the world could be funny, this is the way that it would be.

I do have to admit that even for a comedy, there was enough mixed drama and action that I jumped a time or two in my seat. There were plenty of twists an unexpected occurrences that we stuck to our seats until the credits rolled.

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