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I love your commercials. Your web site sucks. You should not need to call scripts from 27 sources just to show the main screen. I have an account and could never get logged in using Chrome (on Linux, but come on, it’s Chrome)
Even disabling NoScripts and AdBlock it didn’t work. Get with HTML5 and get the hell away from Javascript hell. I mean it. Visit you later – if I can ever get logged in.


Hey Mozilla! PS

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AND you disabled AdBlock plus? Yeah. Tell me how that makes me MORE secure.

Keep it up. Chrome will become my default browser on ALL my devices. Not that you care.


Today was a beautiful day

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Today, the sun was shining, the temperature in the mid 80s.
Today, you went about your everyday lives, perhaps feeling what we considered the heat of early summer.
Today, stores were open, people shopping.
Today, I posted a rant about Donald Trump and Charleston.
Today, I managed to collect more duck eggs and foiled the ravens.
Today, I spent time with family.
Today, I hugged my kids tight.
Today, I joined an exclusive, but unwanted club; for
Today, my nephew took his own life.


McDonald’s Rant

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I posted the following to McDonald’s Javascript hell comments section. Let’s see if I get a real response.

My wife and I had just dropped my daughter off at the airport and decided to to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast and to use the restroom. As we had traveled from Flagstaff to Phoenix we really needed to stop. The previous exit (headed north on I-17) sign indicated a McDonald’s but when we exited the freeway the sign at the exit showed 2 or 3 miles and we decided we wanted something closer to the freeway. The McDonald’s at I-17 and Thunderbird Rd is the most actively uninviting place I have ever been in. There are signs posted all over the place limiting “paying” customers to 30 minutes, no loitering. And the bathrooms have keypad locks on the doors so one must presumably have to place an order before using the restroom.

This location may have a problem with transients or people trying to get in out of the heat. It lost my business. A quick visit to Yahoo finance pages shows another losing quarter for McDonald’s. This restaurant added to your losses as we went up the road to a much more inviting Taco Bell where we could use the restroom and then place our order. Although this was a personal choice as an individual, this concerns me as a stakeholder via my mutual fund holdings.

Let me add that just getting to this page to offer my feedback was painful. There are no less than 23 scripts included in the page, plus a bunch of JavaScript BS inline. The page took more than a minute to load. Contacting a company should force people through a bottle neck that tries to be all things to all people. Had there been a simple listing of email addresses this would have been a much shorter comment.


It is Finished

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Well, almost. Jodi Arias – whom I have not covered here at all – was convicted of First Degree Murder.

I haven’t followed the trial, except the excerpts on the news, but this was a strange one. First she claimed to the police that ninja’s killed her boyfriend before changing her story to claim self defense. Something like 37 stab wounds, two gunshot wounds, and attempting to behead him. Self defense. The jury didn’t believe it, or the claim that she was an abused and battered woman.

It’s not completely over, but it’s getting closer. Those jurors can go on with their lives soon and we can stop hearing about this crazy woman.


I Could Not Have Written a Better Article

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Really! Michael P. Dallessandro writes on School Bus Fleet what might be considered the best article on the trials and tribulations of school bus transportation.


CMRG Partial Close

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Closed 200 shares of CMRG at 3.40. It looks like the new range is 3.10 – 3.40, so the buy order is in for 200 @ 3.10. I had actually bought 200 shares @ 3.97 (11/9/11) and 100 @ 3.20 and with commissions my average share price is 3.78. This is a net loss that in theory lets me back in at the lower range. It was not my original strategy to lose money on this trade, but I’m still in 100 shares and I’m looking at this apparent new range to roll a few times 3.10 – 3.40 to recover some of this trade down.

Disclaimer: I’m trading CMRG.


EU Calls For Audit Firm Breakup

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The European Union is calling for large CPA-type firms to break up their businesses if they offer consulting services in addition to audit services. The proposed law would separate these businesses and – hopefully – give them a little more independence when reviewing the books of public companies. In Deja Vu All Over Again, I wrote Leaving a tiny piece of regulation in place that kept CPA firms from offering “consulting services”, a euphemism for “what else can we ‘sell’ to our clients?” might have saved Arther Anderson and even possibly prevented the implosion of Enron.

I was, of course, alluding to the expansion of services offered to clients of accounting firms. If the same firm that offers consulting on advanced computer systems, or complex off the books transactions, or SPEs looks over those arrangements to determine if they are legal, appropriate, properly accounted for and reported to shareholders who is the audit firm servicing? In the instance of Arther Anderson, it was argued that the auditors were being asked to approve the validity of the moves made by the consulting arm – of Arther Anderson. The clients’ interests, that is the public, shareholders and employees of Enron, are at odds with the interests of the consulting arm. If the consulting arm signs off on a 20 step transaction that is designed to “move” losses of the books so a company can report increased quarterly profits, the audit arm should recognize the invalidity of such a move and not sign off. When you are talking about two parts of the same company it’s hard to keep that separate. It seems the EU agrees. Consulting and auditing will have to be performed by different companies if this law is enacted and enforced. I think that’s a good thing.


Real or not Real?

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I thought this was an April Fool’s story at first. I’m still not convinced that this “girl with no vagina gets pregnant” story is true. Hmm.


Penn State a Travesty

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Rick Santorum defended the lack of action on the part of Joe Paterno when told of sexual abuse on the part of one of his coaches.

Paterno reported the allegations to his boss, and Pennsylvania’s attorney general said it appeared that the coach had met his obligations under state law. Still, some critics have said that he should have reported the suspected abuse to police.

“I know Joe Paterno and I’ve known him for many years,” Santorum told reporters after visiting his campaign office in Bedford. “These are horrible, horrible gut-wrenching, gut-punching allegations of what went on there. All I can say is obviously heads rolled and there may be more heads to roll.”

But he would not call for Paterno’s ouster.

“The bottom line is that after all the years of what he’s done for that university and beyond that for so many others in this country, he deserves the opportunity to tell his side of the story,” Santorum said. “I’m not going to make any judgments until that happens and he certainly is owed that.”

Are they so backwards at Penn State and the state of Pennsylvania? In Arizona, if I were to witness a coach banging an underage boy in the school showers (or anywhere else for that matter) I can be personally prosecuted for not immediately reporting or causing a report to made to law enforcement. I can be prosecuted for just telling my boss and not making sure the next phone call my boss made was to the police. What kind of ass backwards hill billy law lets you just say, “hey Joe, your coach was really giving it to some little boy in the shower there. Well good night.”?

He followed the law by reporting it to a civilian boss? Well over a year ago? Well, he’s a game winning coach so let’s let him tell his side of the story. The side where he says, “I did what the law requires.” What does humanity require? That if you know a grown man is raping a little boy that you step in, you call the police and if you see it happening you taze that perverted bastard til his balls fall off.

These guys admitted they knew something was going on. They reported it. As the law requires.

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