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If I spike it, can I save it for myself?

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I like egg nog. Now some people find it to be disgusting, but that’s not me. I like the flavor. I like to sip it slowly by the fire (except that I don’t have a fireplace) and feel the brandy warm from the inside while the fire heats from the outside. I like to even drink it “straight”, without brandy. Unfortunately so do my kids… at least enough of them that I’ve had a couple of glasses out of a gallon and a half. So I may have to start spiking it just so they don’t drink it (and if they get some of the spiked stuff maybe they’ll fall asleep and I can have the rest)


Kids say the darndest things

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The other day, riding our bikes back from the park, my oldest daughter asked me where sugar comes from.
I told her “sugar cane”.
“Daddy! What makes you think I’m going to believe that?”
“But, sweetheart, that’s where sugar comes from.”
“I don’t believe you. Why would you tell me such a thing?”
After a bit more back and forth on the origins of the sugar she finally said to me,

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