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Closed GTE

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Today GTE hit 7.60 and my order that was in to sell was hit. So purchased just over a month ago and sold today. The simple return on this transaction is 5.89% annualized it’s just over 75%. I love it when a plan comes together 🙂
Time to take a look to see if I should be in for another roll.
After looking over the chart and checking my screener I placed another order to buy at $6.89. GTE hit this three times in May and I believe that it could roll down again. I still like the frequency that it has hit 7.60 vs the possibly higher exit price of 7.75 so the sell price will be in at 7.60 if I get filled.

This is my account, I’m posting for entertainment and educational purposes only. There are no stock tips or recommendations here. Do your own thing.


New Position in GTE

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I had an order in to buy GTE at $7.04 and got impatient. Had I just left it alone, I would be in 200 shares of GTE. As it was I raised my purchase price to $7.08 which was executed yesterday. It’s down a little today (and I might have even gotten it lower). My target sell price is $7.60.
The price dipped to $6.75 today. Looking at the outside boundaries of this range, if I had gotten in at $6.75 I would look to close the position at $7.75 for almost 15%. I still like my range of around 7% return, but wouldn’t turn down double the return. I’m in where I’m in.

This is what I’m doing, do your own thing. All posts are for educational and entertainment purposes only.


Looking to get back into GTE

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After freeing up some capital and running my screeners at TDAmeritrade, I’m looking to jump back into GTE. I’m looking for the price to move in the range of 7.04 – 7.60 where it’s been recently. I made a few quick turns in 2009 and 2013. Checking back on my spreadsheet, I realize I made an error in my original post. My first trade was 19.15%, not around 9% as I first wrote. That was about a three week turn. The second trade netted 11.4% in 12 days and the last trade returned 14.4% in about three weeks. The annualized returns are just ridiculous… I should have just kept trading GTE instead of venturing over to Africa with HMY.

This is what I do, posted for entertainment and educational purposes only. You need to consult your own experts and make up your own mind. You could end up holding onto a dog gold miner like I did. 🙂


Closed GTE

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GTE sold this morning for an after commission profit of 14.4%. There is good news on the stock so I’m not sure I can grab it for another turn or not, but I will certainly being looking to repeat this. 14% in under three weeks… not too bad.

This is what I’m doing in my account. I post for entertainment and educational purposes. Do your own research and due diligence.



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I traded GTE a few times in 2009 grabbing around 9% on one trade and 11% on the other – at nearly half the price it is now. Yesterday I just added 300 shares to my account at $4.99 and looking for the pop to $5.78, that’s almost a 16% move before commissions and if it happens fairly quickly, a much better use of cash than waiting for 5% returns on YHOO options.

This is my account and what I’m doing – if you follow me we might both lose money. 🙂 Remember, do your own research.

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