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Rummy smart enough to resign Bush too stupid to accept

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In recent publicly aired Senate hearings, Donald Rumsfeld told Senator Ted Kennedy that he has tried to resign twice but that Bush would not accept his resignation. Apparently Rummy is smart enough to realize that he should resign but he keeps getting rejected by Bush. What about just not showing up to work? I mean, if he just stopped going into the office Bush (when he returned from vacation) would eventually notice and hire a replacement.
Without trivializing the very dangerous situation that many women find themseleves in I have to say this sounds like battered woman syndrome. Rummy tries to leave but Bush keeps telling him he loves him and that he can’t leave.


Updated Casualties

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I haven’t written about Iraq in some time, being focused on other issues of the “season”. However checking in with CNN shows us that over 1500 American troops have been killed since we went into Iraq. Estimates on how many Iraqi’s killed ranges from 5000 to over 100,000. The Department of Defense conventiently does not track civilian/enemy deaths, one must find estimates from other sources that may or may not be considered reliable.
In other news, articles about Iraq show up (ironically) on the war on terror web site operated by the United States military.

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