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This Is The End

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Went to see This Is The End in the theater last night. With the completely zany cast of characters, and a review of “crude humor” from my friend’s cousin, I was all for seeing this movie. This week has been a little tragic and slipping into a dark theater with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill seemed like the right thing to do.

First of all, Harkins was packed. Monday night and all the college kids seemed to be up for the same thing we were. The movie really gets rolling when James Franco opens the his front door for a raging party. Everyone plays themselves in this crude comedy. And by everyone – well – it’s everyone. Without giving it all away, there are many layers of interpretation you could walk away with. The humor, while crude, is also self deprecating and introspective. Imagine every asshole actor coming to grips with their own attitudes and their effect on the rest of the world as well as each other. If the end of the world could be funny, this is the way that it would be.

I do have to admit that even for a comedy, there was enough mixed drama and action that I jumped a time or two in my seat. There were plenty of twists an unexpected occurrences that we stuck to our seats until the credits rolled.


Night At The Museum

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In a rare theater trip (I would take more if I got critic passess, hint, hint ;)) the the family and I went to see Night at The Museum and fanciful film starring Ben Stiller as Larry Daley a new night watchman in a museum that comes to life at night. Daley soon learns that an ancient Egyptian curse is to blame for the strangeness that grips the museum at sunset. And he has to learn his history in order to encourage the inhabitants to get along with each other and work together.

Not only is the film fun, keeping the attention of the entire family, it has a not so subtle moral element, getting along.



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Want a movie that keeps 4 year olds, 13 year olds and even adults still? Check out Cars, the latest hit from Pixar (and-ahem-Disney).

The movie is the story of an arrogent upstart race car named Lightning McQueen who gets lost on the way to California only to find friendship, love and eventually himself. Radiator Springs, once a lively town on historic Rt 66, is a shadow of its former self when bypassed by Interstate 40. In this out of the way town, faded completely from the map, Lightning sheds his former superficial self finding deeper meaning in life.

I’m not a race fan, but the race scenes were done is such a way that even I was sucked into the action. I found myself cheering for this little car in the same way I would cheer for a live action character. This is a great movie that appeals to all ages and will be one that makes it into our own collection when it comes out on video.

If you happen to make it to the theater, don’t get up when the credits start scrolling. You’ll want to sit through at least the first five minutes.


Fantastic 4

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Over the weekend we took some free movie passes and traded them for tickets to the Fantastic Four.
There have been a large number of movies lately that are comic book based: Spiderman and Spiderman II, The Hulk, Mystery Men, Daredevil (and the follow up Elektra) and the whole Batman series. Add one more to the list: Fanastic Four. Immediately following the movie my step-son and daughter said it was boring (although he could be heard talking excitedly about the action later with his sister at home). (more…)


The Incredibles

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On Saturday we packed the kids into the van, ran around town for a while, then pulled into the Harkins Theater to get in line to see The Incredibles, the story of super heros forced into retirement over law suits and their subsequent reintroduction to crime fighting.
During retirement, the super heros are put into the equivilent of the witness protection program where they are not allowed to use their powers.
As always in this kind of film there is an evil plot, a villian who is bent on ultimate power. When he captures Mr. Incredible a chain of events is set off that requires his entire family to come to his aid. Fortunately, they are nearly all bestowed with extraodinary powers of their own.
The story is a coming of age and coming to grips with their powers, powers that they have been forced to keep under wraps until the fate of their family, their whole town, hangs in the balance.
The kids were glued to the screen, their attention clearly and completely tuned to the movie playing in front of them. All in all a great movie. It will probably be added to the collection when it’s out on DVD, and the kids will no doubt watch it over and over attempting to wear out the disk.


Team America – World Police

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After seeing another entertainment news story regarding the ‘controversy’ this movie has raised, my wife and I decided we needed to go see it. Drop off the kids at their uncle’s house for a few hours, get over to the theater. The theater was somewhat empty being Sunday evening. This movie has been described as not for children. It is rated R, only due to scenes being cut out that originally had it rated NC-17.
The characters are marionettes, the plot is outrageous, political correctness is nowhere to be found, and the film’s producers are quoted as saying that being sued over the movie would be great. There were people on TV saying that this is no kids’ movie. Kid movie? From the creators of South Park?
The theater laughed, applauded and cheered at the scenes played out on screen. Such exotic locations as Paris, Cairo, North Korea, and Panama – all with descriptive titles indicating their distance and relation to America – are the settings for terrorist activities. Team America, as the ultimate terrorist fighting force, hunts down and kills terrorists the world over. They must overcome such obstacles as bad intelligence, activist actors, and even Michael Moore in their quest to make the world safe. On the way the audience is treated to graphic scenes of ‘puppett sex’ gratuitous vomit, bloody fights, and harsh language. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and the lead characters are not afraid of a little ‘wood’ being shown on screen.
Irreverent, politically incorrect and US centric. If you can handle that and like South Park go see the movie – I can’t wait for the DVD which I am sure will include the cut scenes. Team America is not – not – for children.

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