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Delivery Man

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We went to see “Delivery Man” last night. The movie has been out for a little while so the theater was not terribly crowded – just like we like it.
The question is – and how can any man answer this – how and when do you decide to reveal your identity to over 100 questioning youths? Vaughn plays David Wozniak a man who “donated” hundreds of times to a sperm bank using the alias “Starbuck” resulting in 533 children. When the children bring a lawsuit asking for his name, he struggles with the life he used to live and the life he has grown accustomed to. Vaughn brings his usual humor to this role along with something else, his ever more prominent life lessons. In this case, actions have consequences and one has to decide how to deal with them for better or worse.


September Dawn

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September Dawn gets four starsOn September 11, religious zealots set out to murder innocent men, women and children. Of course I’m not writing about September 11, 2001 now. This was September 11, 1857 and the religious zealots were members of the Mormon church, finishing a siege on a wagon train that started days earlier. September Dawn, a portrayal of the Mountain Meadow Massacre is a factual event that shows another unpleasant facet of religion and fanaticism. The Meadow Mountain Massacre is a stain on the Mormon church. This portrayal places the blame at the top, with Brigham Young. Naturally, Young, and the entire LDS church deny that the church had any prior knowledge of the impending death of the wagon train members.

For a more in depth history of the Mormon Church’s murderous spree in Utah, read The Mountain Meadows Massacre


Reign Over Me

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– Raw emotion.
Alan Johnson, played by Don Cheadle, thinks he sees his college roommate, Charlie Fineman, played by Adam Sandler, riding a scooter through the streets of New York. Once he catches up with him he finds a man troubled with post-traumatic stress disorder following the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11; his wife and children were aboard one of the planes that was flown into the towers. Alan is struggling to reclaim his own sense of self while attempting to help out Charlie whose mental state causes him to be paranoid about everyones’ intentions.

This film makes no attempt to theorize about the motives of 9/11 or to make any kind of political statement. Instead it is a dark look into the life of two men, if you count Cheadle’s character, who are only trying to get by. There is some humor but, like the pause on a roller coaster at the top of a rise in the tracks, it only serves to heighten the twist of the emotional knife that is thrust into the viewer. The moments of laughter are brutally followed by additional pain from the characters.

There must be something in the makeup of comedy players – of which Sandler certainly belongs – that allows them to play emotionally disturbed individuals so convincingly.


Blades of Glory

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Will Ferrell fans, rejoice. Blades of Glory is a well written comedy that brings back the air of Old School. In this ice skating movie – full of cameos from real ice skating stars – Will Ferrel and Jon Heder play banned ice skaters who find a loophole in the ice skating rules that allow them to skate as pairs. Seeing two men skate pairs together should be funny enough. Add a thin, but cohesive, story line and this becomes a movie to watch and stick into your Will Ferrell library.

Wild Hogs

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Mid life crisis leads to some pretty interesting and funny story lines. Wild Hogs is the story of four guys whose biggest adventure is to ride their motorcycles to the local diner for Sunday breakfast. What happens when they decide to hit the open road and ride to the West coast is hilarious. It all starts when Woody Stevens, played by John Travolta, tries to run away from his imploding life and drags his bumbling friends with him.

On the way the raise the ire of a real biker gang, and catch the attention of highway patrolman, John C. McGinley’s lustful eye. McGinley’s skin tight uniform in his first scene portrays his leanings as he ends up being as queer as the entire Village People line up. He ends up tailing the guys (no pun intended) through the movie, but is mysteriously missing when they could use his help in the show down with the Del Fuego biker gang.

Some of the story line might strike you as cliché and slightly predictable but that shouldn’t keep you from popping it in and laughing for most of the 100 minute playing time.


Man Of The Year

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Man of the Year gets fours stars
Robin Williams is part Bill Maher, part Bev Harris, as a talk show host who runs for president in a movie that is part funny, part scary as hell. Man of The Year” is a comedy to be sure, but a sick comedy that looks at how a single company (think Diebold) controls voting for the entire country and the consequences of unaudited source code and the complete lack of a paper receipt. Unfortunately for the American people there is a “bug” in the software that would have benefited the incumbent had a political comedian not entered the race. Attempts to bring the bug to the attention of management by a lone programmer are futile.

It’s a movie to make you laugh and to make you think. But you have to watch it to find out how the bug works and whether Williams will become an unwilling “Dubya” or whether he really is one of the good guys, who like Maher, best serves his country by being a straight shooter and asking the hard, if funny, questions.


Hotel Rwanda

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The story is simple. A single man helps to shelter over 1200 fellow citizens; sparing their lives. The effect is gut-wrenching and hard to watch. In scene after scene, Paul Rusesabagina – played by Don Cheadle – does everything he can to prevent the death of his Tutsi family members, his neighbors, and even strangers at the hands of the Hutu militia. “Hotel Rwanda” is at once an uplifting story of one man’s courage and a picture of genocidal atrocities. I found myself appalled at the apparent inability of the UN “peace keepers” to prevent these killings, outrage that any government in the world could allow these actions to go unanswered, and a sickening realization that whatever I wanted the outside soldiers to do also applies to our own troops in Iraq today. We didn’t create the civil war in Rwanda – but if our sensibilities begged us to have something done about it those same sensibilities now must tug at us – at least a little – to do something about the civil war in Iraq. This is an incredibly powerful movie that surely will leave a mark on anyone who has seen it.


The Pursuit of Happyness

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Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a man at a turning point in his life. As he struggles with his family while trying to sell medical equipment, Smith has to make decisions about the path he is to follow.

I watched this movie with a little trepidation. It has received many great reviews, but a single personal view caused me to watch it just a little more critically. Gardner was criticized for not, “doing everything he had to do for his son”. This was the viewpoint of an idealistic twenty-something. Age has a way of changing your perspective. During the Great Depression, some people would not do work that was beneath them, while others would do anything and everything to put food on the table. The young view of this movie is that Smith’s character should have gotten whatever job that he could – no matter what the pay. (more…)


An Inconvenient Truth

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Is there anything more boring that watching a movie showing someone giving a slide show presentation – even if that person is Al Gore? A slide show on film? The thing is, it turns out to not be as boring as it originally sounds. Gore has a sense of humor as he presents his evidence that the world is getter warmer and that we are responsible. Gore gives us a picture of a future that looks pretty bleak if we don’t do something about it and gives hope that things aren’t so far gone that we can’t fix them if we (earth’s inhabitants) all work together.

Global warming is going to be a serious issue, it’s been on the lips of politicians running for president and even the current president. Unfortunately we are also finding out that somewhere around 50% of all scientists recently testifying to congress have removed global warming language from their research due to political pressure and threats to remove funding.

An Inconvenient Truth
UN Science Panel
calls global warming real.

How to Eat Fried Worms

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When he moves to a new town young Billy Forrester has to face the school bully. Billy, who has trouble holding down his lunch on a good day, makes a bet that he can eat ten worms. It takes a whole day and ten different worm recipes. Ten concotions, ten worms. And he only has until 7 PM to eat them without getting sick. Despite what you might see on the screen, no worms were harmed during the making of the movie.

It’s a little gross, with plenty of kid humor. I was glad to have eaten all of my popcorn before the downing of the worms began.

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