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I noticed last night that instead offering news, the local Fox affiliate seemed to be driving page views on their web site.

…cops are looking for the suspects to get a description check out our web site

The very next story did something similar. In other words instead of using the web site to provide complementary information, they neglected to broadcast it altogether. Now Fox runs their news for an hour and a half so it’s not like they miss out when compared to the half hour news of the other channels.

Not everyone has internet access and if what they are reporting is that important they should at least give the information with follow up or additional information online. Instead they are attempting to herd people onto their web page.


2005 Fall television lineup

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As I check over the new shows destined to become my favorites I have some interesting – to me anyway – observations of the line ups.
Despite what I started to see as a trend at the beginning of the year, I am pleased to say that the only upcoming show of any kind of “religious bend” is a reality show called Three Wishes and only because singer Amy Grant is part of the show. I was afraid that Dubya’s so-called mandate and the manufactured “uproar”1,2 over nipple displays would cause the television industry to change what they broadcast. (Interestingly enough if you search for for FCC Indecency complaint in the first three results you get a form from the so-called Parent’s Television Council. Instead of using the V-Chip, which gives parents the ability to lock out certain ratings during times of the day when parents are not home, they use email to the FCC to try to mold what the rest of us can watch.)
In the new line up of approximately 31 shows there are far more of the Maxi-series (mini-series expanded to fill the whole season but has a very limited expected life span) than ever. Commander-In-Chief, Fathom, Invasion, The Night Stalker, Prison Break, Reunion, Supernatural, and Threshold are destined to be replaced because you can’t make these kinds of shows last more than that long – look at television versions of The Fugitive and The Net for a couple of examples. These shows all have a natural conclusion and if not people will become tired of the show and it will die anyway.
There are pleasantly a large number of “supernatural” shows from the Ghost Whisperer to the alien invader shows, Fathom, Invasion and Threshold in the lineup. The success of Medium no doubt is partially behind this large showing. Of course the true test is to see which of these shows is still on in December.
So there you have it, crime shows, maxi-series and supernatural (and the ever gag-tastic reality shows) but no Billie Graham Reunion Tour. Looks like it could be a good fall season. 🙂

1 –
2 –
3 – Fall lineup grid
4 – Fall season new shows


Unreality TV

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Is anyone else sick of all the “reality” TV? I mean what’s real about these shows?
Fear Factor has nothing to do with fear except maybethe stunt work – it’s more like barf factor or gross factor.
Average Joe… like some hottie is gonna be hanging out with a bunch of overgrown pizza face guys.. ditto bachelor and bachelorette… Joe Millionaire is the closest to “reality” out of all these – meet some guy in a bar who lies to you about what he does for a living and how much he makes.
Survivor – Gilligan’s Island for yuppies who wanna prove something to themselves while trying to stab everyone else in the back for money.
I wanna be a Hilton… puhlease. The money might be nice… but look what it does to people. On top of that it’s a bunch of “hicks” with no class.
Can’t we get back to the days when reality TV is wrestling? At least that doesn’t seem so fake anymore.


Jay Leno gettin’ cozy with the creepy King

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On the May 05, 2005 episode of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Jay brought out the latest American Idol to be kicked Scott Savol. The thing is I’m sure he looks like the guy whose video was floating around the internet lip syncing that foreign song… of course I have no links and the Today Show (where I saw the video) seemed to not have the relevant links either… oh well.
Jay brought out Scott to give him a consolation prize, one of three from a big wheel. The prizes on the wheel were Lunch with movie star, Dinner with a sports star or Breakfast with a member of the Royal Family. And of course the wheel was not rigged.
Naturally the giant spin that Scott put on the wheel caused it to spin a whole 1/3 of the way around to land on Breakfast with a member of the Royal Family. I figured that would be Gilbert Godfried in drag playing the queen, but lo and behold the Creepy King arrived with his overly large breakfast sandwich. Yikes.
Jay then sent them off to “get to know each other better in the back of the van”
Just keep saying egg and meat and cheese, and meat and cheese…..


Local TV station bites

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Ok my TV reviews are normally about shows on TV, but I just have to mention that my local NBC affiliate blows chunks. Granted this is a small town and the budget is smaller, but they can’t even keep the volume at the same level. During an evening of watching shows on NBC I have to turn the volume way up to be able to hear the show I want to watch. Then the commercials come on and I have to turn the volume way down – just to keep the volume even.
The worst offenses are the Nightly News, the Tonight Show, and the Sunday evening line up of Law and Order Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. I have to be a remote jockey, and truthfully I tend to turn the shows off often enough that the fluctuating volume could be considered a cause of NBC losing market share during these times.
They have an email address that they advertise for a news segment called “Thanks to Teachers” which routes through the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. Want to follow up on a local news story that you missed or only caught the last part of (cause the volume was turned way down due to the commercials rattling the windows)? Don’t bother looking it up on the internet. While many stations offer online news supplimented by advertising, looking up redirects you to the Phoenix NBC affiliate’s site a total freaking waste of time when it comes to Flagstaff news. If they had a Flagstaff page it would be helpful… but they don’t.
It’s just a shame that they are the only “real” local news broadcast.

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