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I’m going to hell in every religion


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It was not really a bumper sticker – more of a warning on the back of a truck loaded with welding equipment and acetylene torches.

Do not touch.
Not only will it kill you
it will hurt the whole time you are dying.

Short, sweet and emphatically to the point.

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It was me.
I let the dogs out.


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Who is the more irrational man? The one who believes in a god he cannot see, or the one who is angered by the god he does not believe in?

This presumes that those who express a disbelief in the invisible are angry at that “god”. Perhaps it is the stunned reaction to those who would worship a sadistic, although invisible, slave master that is mistaken for anger?


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Church sign:

Forbidden Fruit Results in Many Jams

And jam is tasty. Look at Smuckers. Jam is good on toast and bread and buns.


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Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers


Is This Where We Are?

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I have to ask if this is where we are. The day after election day in 2008, I was shocked at the vile attitudes from people who appear normal. He was called a communist, a nazi, a muslim – everything “except a white man” as the saying goes. In private it was surely worse.

Today I received an email, surely by accident as I have a catch-all email account.

My daughter walked into the living room and said “Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, forget the College tuition, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window; take my TV, iPhone, iPod, and my laptop. Please take any of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house.

Then disown me and never talk to me again.

And don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to any one that wants it.”

Well, she didn’t put it quite like that.. she actually said…

“Dad, meet my new boyfriend – Mohammed. We’re going to work together on
President Obama’s re-election campaign.”

Hmm… racist and anti-muslim in one. Way to go white supremisist!

Next I saw a truck with a number of bumper stickers with Obama’s campaign logo. It was a crew cab dual rear wheel, turbo ram with a camper topper. When I looked closer I could read the sticker. Beside a photo of Obama was the caption

Does this ass make my truck look big?

Clever, but no. It’s your big truck with that bumper sticker that makes you look like a big ass.

Are we not past this hatred and racism?


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Bumper Stickers for Nurses

Nurses are IV Leaguers

On a scale of 1-100, Nurses are a 98.6

Yes, Stupid is a Diagnosis


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The world didn’t end? Awkward!

That was awkward

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