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Crazy Bill’s is at it again. They had a few strange ones:

Who put the noodle in the poodle?

showed up eerily close to a news article about a woman whose dog was allegedly molested.

Eatin aint cheatin

I guess this could mean that going to dinner with someone is not cheating on your spouse or significant other – or something a little less “innocent”.
Today they weigh in with

Illegals quietly working

or something like that…. I’ll have to check it again in the morning. 🙂

Quiet Illegals at Work


New Sign

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Crazy Bill’s sign today:


The line gets blurrier and blurrier.


I must have missed it

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Either that or they only changed it this morning. Yep Crazy Bill’s again. This time it’s the sign on the other side:

The Best Way to get over someone is to get under someone.

Allright then.

Crazy Bill’s Slow on the Uptake

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Ok – I know that I haven’t posted their recent sign changes. This one’s been up for a couple of weeks :

Size Matters When it Comes to Your Meat

I’m waiting for a more interesting sign, guys. I mean where are the references to rare meat with its hot pink center, or how juicy certain cuts are?


Trying to get attention

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I mentioned Crazy Bill’s here recently due to them having borderline signage.
Now proudly displayed is:

Best Wishes to

I wonder if they are trying to get attention?


Crazy Bill’s Looking for Attention

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We have a little place here called Crazy Bill’s. I haven’t personally been there in a while although from what I remember the food was pretty decent the last time I was there.
Lately the sign in front of the place has had such wonderous phrases as:
“Beat Yo Meatloaf
Comes With Gravy”
and today the sign reads: “Hot Meat for Valentine’s Day”

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