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Dishonorable Renzi Opening Arguments

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There is a lot of “news” out there today, the most interesting (to me at least) is that opening arguments have been made in the Renzi corruption case.

The carpet bagger, Renzi might actually get what he deserves. I’m glad he’s not still pretending to represent me.


Initial Court Date for Renzi

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Today, Rick Renzi will step into a Tucson court room and presumably proclaim his innocence to multiple counts of fraud, extortion and money laundering. Ever since he carpet bagged his way into this state he’s been looking out for what matters to him: him.

Renzi Courtroom appearance


Renzi’s Office Gets Antiwar Posters

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An anti-war protest in Wheeler Park last night apparently had some side benefits. Rick Renzi’s office in downtown Flagstaff ended up with anti-war posters on its windows. According to Sgt. Tom Boughner, of the Flagstaff Police Department, the posters were removed quickly, but left a sticky residue – kinda like Renzi himself. Boughner said that they were treating the case as criminal damage, but hinted that a first amendment defense might be made by the perpetrators as a “political statement”. Photos would be great, especially if they include a clear image of Renzi’s name. 🙂


Renzi thinks we are idiots

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Renzi sucks up to the party line on Downing Street Memo


Renzi no shows again

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In what seems to be a regular pattern for Renzi (he has missed four occassions to answer questions and ‘face-off’ with Paul Babbitt according to news reports, five according to the press release on Babbitt’s web site) an empty chair was all that was available at the Northern Arizona Interfaith Council’s Interfaith Accountability Forum in Camp Verde on October 17th. This despite the Council’s claims that they had worked for months around everyone’s schedule, Babbitt and Renzi specifically.
Based upon what I have seen and heard, Renzi only shows up to the ‘soft’ events. Events where he isn’t expected to be asked any hard questions and the crowd is full of supporters. Instead of a debate showing earlier this month, he was at a tailgate party for NAU homecoming. Instead of this forum, he was (allegedly) on the Navajo Reservation. Instead of being at a candidates forum in August, put on by the Mexican American Council (I’m sure that I have the name of this organizing group wrong- someone please send me a correction) an empty chair again. This particular forum included candidates for local offices from Sheriff to County Board of Supervisors to President of the United States. While neither Presidential candidate was present, the Democratic party sent a spokesperson to present Kerry’s case. Paul Babbitt’s wife substituted for Paul.


Vote for The Other Guy

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The Republican primary ballot for my district breaks down so bizarrely that I wouldn’t know who to vote for if I were to request that ballot* on August 24.

So let’s see what we have:
For Senator, we there is John “I sent 3000 troops to the border” McCain. Never mind that Federal law prohibits troops from acting in a policing capacity on US soil. McCain has flip flopped on the border fence and is running on security, not jobs.

JD Hayworth is running against him. JD is a tea bagging blow hard who was voted out of Congress and then ran infomercials selling “free government grants” that were investigated for fraud and the company had to settle with several attorneys general for misleading advertising. (more…)


Arizona GOP lawmaker indicted –

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Will Renzi get his due now?
Arizona GOP lawmaker indicted –



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You know Congress has gone too far when they start writing laws that allow ordinary citizens to lose their computers in favor of music and movie studios. That’s apparently what some pending legislation offers; the chance for grandma to lose her computer over alleged “file sharing”. Grandma doesn’t have to be convicted of anything, just accused by the movie and record studios. Forget making a backup copy of your movies or a CD that you want to listen to on your iPod, you’re a criminal now and your computer can be seized and auctioned. Your rights are being melted away in favor of Steam Boat Willie. Either you smile while Mickey slips you the his
“mickey” or you write to your Congressman and I mean now. Unfortunately I have these the unconvicted “slippery Dick” Rick Renzi (not running for re-election, but not man enough to step out of the way of someone who might do some good) and John McCain as my representatives. Shout out to John Conyers, man of the people. Man up John, you work for us, not Mickey Mouse. It’s time to protect our rights against oppression before the uprising takes you out.


House of Cards

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Gonzalez is out. I wrote about Bush’s support before. According to CNN,

Bush said it’s “sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person” is impeded “from doing important work.”

What is the important work? Listening in on US citizens? Racing to the hospital to get a sick John Ashcroft to sign off on warrantless wiretaps? Refusing to answer questions about fired US Attorneys?

On the local front, Rick Renzi, whose integrity has been brought into question due to land deals that he voted on that he may have profited in and questions about his fund raising activities has chosen not to run in 2008. In the meantime he’s collecting his congressional paycheck despite the fact that he has resigned from all his committees. There has been a call for him to completely resign so that a special election can be held to replace him, but I doubt that will happen. Renzi is arrogant, and besides he has all those kids to feed.

The house of cards is falling one by one, and that’s a bad thing for Bush. I don’t think he had a full deck to start with.


Election Day

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Nov 2, 2004.
Election Day.
I didn’t used to be politically vocal. This President, our esteemed Congressman Rick Renzi, and a local sheriff’s campaign have changed that.
The very future of democracy, of the United States, hangs in the balance. George Bush has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy, needlessly sent troops into harm’s way with no plan to bring them home, given back the budget surplus and is plunging us into a horrific deficit that even my grandchildren (who are not even a twinkling in my childrens’ eyes as the saying goes) will not be able to pay it off. Where is Ross Perot with his charts?
I am voting this morning. Depending upon how the precinct looks, I may be bringing coffee and other snacks, blankets and allowing people to sit in my van for warmth. I will have at least three toll free numbers on hand in case of voter intimidation.
If you are being intimidated, questioned on whether you can vote, challenged in your right to vote call any or all of these numbers:
866-OUR VOTE (non partisan number)
866- MY VOTE1 (NBC news)
877-888- PAUL ( Paul Babbitt- Congressional District 1 AZ)
You can also bring your video camera to record voter intimidation. Michael Moore would like to hear from you if you do, email him:
Go. Vote. Remind George W Bush that we didn’t elect him the first time, that he cannot financially rape and pillage the United States and not be held accountable.

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