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Murkowski Beats The Tea Out of Joe Miller

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I’m not generally a cheer leader for Republicans, but Lisa Murkowski is probably my favorite Republican at the moment for beating out Joe Miller in Alaska. Murkowski ran a write in campaign after extremist tea party leaning conservatives went way right with wacko Joe Miller. With the quitter Palin backing him, how could Alaskans vote any other way? Perhaps sanity struck back.

The Daily Sun hacked up these gems

Miller, meanwhile, had several missteps after the primary. Court documents were released showing that he had been was suspended as a government employee for using work computers for partisan political work and lying about it. In other miscues, his security detail handcuffed a journalist asking questions at a town hall meeting, and it was revealed his family received many government handouts that he railed against as a tea party candidate.

So Miller is a liar and his family is on the dole. Really? Is that such a surprise for a Tea Partier? Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, and cut any government funding for everyone except me.

Levi Russell, a spokesman for the California-based Tea Party Express, told The Associated Press that Murkowski’s failure to win a majority in the race “demonstrates a rejection of her well-known policies.”

Yeah. Sour grapes. Look it up.

While disappointed in the race’s outcome, Russell said the group stands behind its strategy and Miller. “We continue to feel that Joe Miller is more in concert today with the people in Alaska, who are concerned about the growth and intrusiveness of the federal government with the higher taxes, deficits and national debt,” he said

Except, the people of Alaska voted against Miller and the Tea Party. If Joe were more in concert with the people of Alaska, wouldn’t they have voted for Joe Miller? You Betcha!


Intel lookback

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I wrote about using the low stock prices at the beginning of this year to lower your taxes a little and to lower how much you have “at risk” in Intel (INTC). If you had followed the 100 share strategy I mentioned in March here’s what would have happened.
First, let me arbitrarily pick June 1, 2007 as your original purchase date. INTC closed at $22.36. For simplicity I’m going to use the close price of the day. I’m also going to ignore the August 3, 2007 dividend (simply because I haven’t checked the ex-dividend date. I will count the intervening dividends)

  • Purchase 100 shares of INTC June 1, 2007 = $2,236.00 (plus commissions, discount brokers will run around $10, others will run as high as $50-$75)
  • November 5, 2007 dividends of $0.113 = $11.30 added to your account (using the discount broker you just made back your commissions)
  • February 5, 2008 dividend $0.128 = $12.80
  • May 5, 2008 $0.14 = $14.00
  • August 5, 2008 $0.14 = $14.00
  • November 5, 2008 $0.14 = $14.00
  • February 4, 2009 $0.14 = $14.00
  • May 5, 2009 $0.14 = $14.00 (only counting 100 shares worth of dividends, the ex-date timing could have doubled that)

If you had read the article on March 4, and decided that I wasn’t crazy, you could have bought your new 100 shares for $12.31 = $1,231.00. Holding the shares for around 35 days, you would have sold your “first in” shares on June 5, at $15.92 at the close $1,592.00. This gives you a $644.00 loss based upon the original purchase price on June 1, 2007. In a couple of transactions you have lowered your basis – or purchase price – in INTC, thrown off some beneficial tax losses and kept the same number of shares in your account. The long term capital loss over $3,000.00 can be applied to gains if you had them or carried forward for when you do have them.

Plus there’s almost $700.00 of dividends up there, so if you are using that cash for your new purchase your new shares only cost around $600.00.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any shares of INTC and I don’t sell stocks


Night At The Museum

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In a rare theater trip (I would take more if I got critic passess, hint, hint ;)) the the family and I went to see Night at The Museum and fanciful film starring Ben Stiller as Larry Daley a new night watchman in a museum that comes to life at night. Daley soon learns that an ancient Egyptian curse is to blame for the strangeness that grips the museum at sunset. And he has to learn his history in order to encourage the inhabitants to get along with each other and work together.

Not only is the film fun, keeping the attention of the entire family, it has a not so subtle moral element, getting along.


Cat Woman

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Just when you think there are enough catwomen, here come Halle Berry as the latest incarnation of the slinky, sexy, part hero part criminal that is Cat Woman circa. 2004. In the recent vein of cat women, a fall from great heights is followed by a supernatural transfer of powers from a cat to the recently deceased, soon-to-be heroine. Interestingly, she has a different name from previous incarnations of the Cat Woman, this time her name is Patience Phillips. The movie seems to have strayed from the idea that there has only ever been one such being to creating a line of cat women throughout the ages stretching back to ancient Egypt.

This is a typical supernatural being created by bad people, then getting revenge on the bad people. Patience develops a catlike swagger that some might call excessive hip shaking, but no one’s complaining around here. She finds herself unable to decipher whether she is good or evil, seeming to only be able to be clear about the revenge that she must seek against those who killed her. In the end, like so many comic book characters she is resigned to a life of lonliness and love lost.

The DVD was loaded with extra features that were at times more interesting than the movie itself and definately worth watching.

In the 3 to 13 age crowd it was a real hit.

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