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Script Kiddies

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I have decided to start documenting the script kiddie attacks either on this server or against other machines attempting to exploit cross site scripting.

    IRC Bots:

  • (source: )
    IRC Flood Bot
  • These two work together
  • Perl bot. This one looks like it will ping flood different types of servers: (source:
  • Another IRC Bot (source: )
  • This one works with gorgonn.txt – at least on the server that I saw
  • gall.txt Works with x1.txt

r57shell variants

These will send spam through your mail web server if you have a cross-site scripting vulnerability:

    Spam bots

  • In English (source:
  • And in Spanish (source:
    Unclassified scripts:

  • Not sure what this one is supposed to do: (source:
  • whatsnew
  • evilx used in combination with evil.txt

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